Rona 5 star glass

Represents 125 years of glass masters´ skills.

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RONA products and quality rank it among the world´s leading manufacturers of the table top glassware with design created by a team of highly experienced, professional glass designers.

Currently RONA is a one of the world´s leading and largest manufacturers of non-lead household crystalware, with strong export position, qualified staff and cutting edge technology. The glassworks in Lednicke Rovne is one of the world leaders in the processing of lead-free beverage glass known as crystalline.

Discover new products of Slovak glassworks

The world´s leading manufacturers of the table top glassware.

Products of the company can be found at Buckingham palace and the White House, in the New York Rockefeller center’s Rainbow Room, and in luxury hotels in Dubai and Las Vegas.

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Hand glass blowing​

Our handmade glassware is crafted by glassmasters with decades of experience and passion for their work.

Family tradition which is passed in this area through the generations for over 125 years.

Machine glass blowing

RONA nowadays owns automatic technology processes which simulate handmade production.

In 2001 RONA introduced, as the first company in the world, technology of the so called “pulled stem”.

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