RONA Favourite Champagne Flute

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The Favourite collection was inspired by vineyard wine tastings around Europe. The bowls offer a convex design with ample room for swirling, and tapered rims to enhance and improve aroma and flavor.

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Favourite champagne flute offers an enhanced enjoyment of champagne and sparkling wines. The tulip shaped bowl allows for palate subtleties to develop, while the tapered rim directs aromas towards the tongue to maximize the flavor spectrum of each sparkling varietal. The classic style of this flute makes for an excellent option when toasting to any occasion.

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Currently RONA is a one of the world´s leading and largest manufacturers of non-lead household crystalware, with strong export position, qualified staff and cutting edge technology. The glassworks in Lednicke Rovne is one of the world leaders in the processing of lead-free beverage glass known as crystalline.
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