RONA Polaris 76 Wine Glas

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The Polaris collection imitates the ultralight weight and feel of handmade glass to offer a refined enjoyment of wines and champagnes, with slender pulled stems and tulip bowls that are sure to add an extra touch of style to any occasion.

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Perfect for Bordeaux and full-bodied reds, Polaris 76 adds a sophisticated touch to any table setting. Enjoy unsurpassed brilliance and clarity gifted by fine European crystal, enhanced by the elegantly slender and seamless pulled stem. RONA’s handmade-by-machine technology gives Polaris 76 a luxuriously light weight feel, without compromising in durability.

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Currently RONA is a one of the world´s leading and largest manufacturers of non-lead household crystalware, with strong export position, qualified staff and cutting edge technology. The glassworks in Lednicke Rovne is one of the world leaders in the processing of lead-free beverage glass known as crystalline.
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