Alliance of decorations

Besides clear glass, the glassworks is known for its decoration techniques.

Pantograph etching​

The 1st factory in continental Europe where the pantograph machines were installed – back in 1896. Technique suitable for traditional, namely lacy and floral, designs. Pantograph decorations are ideal for making the glassware look fancy.

pantograph etching rona glass
diamond engraving cutting rona glass

Diamond engraved cutting

Suitable for rich patterns and it works well for modern designs too. The range of grey cuttings includes traditional and contemporary designs. This decoration adds a lot of perceived value without costing too much.

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Machine and hand cutting

Wide range of both machine and hand cutting capabilities. Combination of modern technologies using RONA’s pulled stemware blanks along with the superior machine cutting facilities. The cuts can be either polished or grey cuts.

machine and hand cutting rona glass
screen printing and decals rona glass

Screen printing and decals

Color screen print decorations, located on the foot or on the bowl of a stemmed glass or tumbler, are ideal for your private branded corporate gifts. Widely used for the brand application of various logos and company names. RONA can offer screen printing in a variety of colors.

Painting and colored spraying

Handpainting of metallic rims and bands of varying widths as per your request. A form of liquid gold or platinum is used. Hand painting with luster colors on the bowls of the stemware or barware. Large color palette available to choose from.
painting and color spraying rona glass
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