Hand glass blowing

Family tradition which is passed in this area through the generations for over 125 years.

Our handmade glassware is crafted by glassmasters with decades of experience and passion for their work.

Finest product exquisitely mouth blown and handcrafted by RONA glassmasters, in Western Slovakia. Flawless clear glass made entirely by skilled master craftsmen. 

Each handmade item is an unique masterpiece that captures the mood and a memory to be treated with high respect.

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RONA will please mainly those customers, who love and admire fine handmade glassware. Appreciate our handmade stemware and finest degustation glass collections crafted by the so called „thin – walled pulled stemware technique“. Glass designed for especially those who like to entertain their quests at home and modernize table settings with unique mouth blown glass pieces.

The patented technology of pulled stem is one of the iconic features of glass products from Lednicke Rovne.

hand glass blowing rona
hand glass blowing rona
hand glass blowing rona

Raise a glass and discover the subtle nuances of every drink.

Select your own preferred shapes and sizes from many available like red – white wine, goblet, bordeaux, chardonnay, flute, sherry – liquer or glass barware ranges and celebrate with your loved ones the harmony of the cherished moments and timeless beauty of the RONA handmade glass.

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