Machine glass blowing

Qualified staff members, right motivation and managing the demanding technologies.

In 2001 RONA introduced, as the first company in the world, technology of the so called “pulled stem” into the blow-blow process.

This process creates a monolithic product from the original two – piece process, and it significantly enhances its mechanical resistance and thus durability.

RONA nowadays owns automatic technology processes which simulate handmade production and create products of high quality.

In addition RONA has low tooling costs for pulled stem technology and large portfolio of ready molds.

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RONA is one of the world leaders in the processing of lead-free beverage glass known as crystalline.

It does not concern only application of modern processes for glass making, but also regular improvements of all phases of the production processes with the aim to achieve the best execution of the finished products.

RONA has a strong export position, qualified personnel and the most modern technologies.

Recognise state - of - the - art machines and technology impressed in glass.

Our products represent an exciting combination of elegance and technology in addition to creative design, fine cold – cut rims and beautifully drawn stems that are synonymous with RONA glassware.

RONA, made in Slovakia, offers the highest quality stemware available.

Lead free glass

Special attention is focused on the composition of the glass batch. RONA produces own glassware in the quality of lead free – crystalline blanks.

This is a well balanced improved mix of basic necessary glass components – the result is now ultimate brilliance in color of the glass, with beautiful sound.

Its clarity remains after 1500 of industrial dishwashing cycles, and guarantees a level of durability and resistance that you will appreciate for several years to come.

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